Stress & Anxiety

There's a reason why psychological stress and anxiety disorders have been called “silent killers.” For starters, they cause a whole slew of symptoms. Cognitively, they can manifest as memory problems, chronic racing thoughts, constant worrying, or general pessimism. Emotionally, they appear as moodiness, an inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, or a sense of loneliness and isolation.  Physically, they lead to sudden nausea or dizziness, a loss of sexual drive, rapid heartbeat, or frequent colds.  Behaviorally, they surface as fluctuations in sleeping or eating patterns, nervous habits like nail biting, neglecting responsibilities, or removing yourself from others.
Worse still is that living in the modern world makes one especially susceptible to stress and anxiety. Ours is an age of deadlines and demands, of flux and frustration, and it’s little surprise more people are being affected than ever before. In recent years, sharp rises in the number of Singaporeans with anxiety and stress disorders have been reported; according to some estimates, the number of sufferers nearly doubled in just eight years, from 8.4% in 1990 to 16.6% in 1998.*

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about these disorders is how easily they can creep up on you. Over time, you become accustomed to them. They start to feel familiar, even normal. You don’t notice how much they’re affecting you, even as they wreak havoc on your life, your heath, and your family.

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, or anxiety, it’s imperative to know that help is out there. Effective treatments exist which often involve psychotherapy, counseling, and/or pharmacotherapy. The first step on the road to recovery begins with scheduling a visit to our office. After determining the disorder from which you’re ailing, I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a custom-made regime to help bring back your real self.