Grief & Loss

Do you feel stuck in your grieving? Do you sense that your mourning is not drawing to a closure,  that you are not coming to terms with your loss? If so, you might be one of thousands of sufferers who feel as if they have had their lives derailed by the sudden absence of a loved one. The symptoms of grieving often vary from person to person, but tend to include some emotional changes like feelings of shock, guilt, emptiness, anger, or fear, along with health consequences like fatigue and lowered immunity and other behavioral effects.

It's easy for those who have experienced loss to try to bury their feelings under a wave of work, hoping that if they ignore their aches and distract their pain it'll all just disappear. Not only are such practices more likely to make it worse in the long-run, but also psychologists have recently discovered that withheld grief often manifests itself years later as the root cause of a variety of other mental and physical aberrations.

Now there is no right or wrong way to grieve—but there are healthy ways to cope with the pain. If you or a loved one is deep in throes of bereavement, please call our office and set up an appointment. With years of training and experience in matters of grief and loss, I can provide the most appropriate course of treatment to help you.