Alcoho Related Disorder

Alcohol-related disorder, better known as alcoholism or alcohol dependency, refers to one’s need to intake large amounts of alcohol to function on a day-to-day basis. Regular patterns of substantial drinking limited to weekends, with intermittent periods of sobriety, also suggest the pattern of abuse characteristic of alcoholism.

The most obvious signs of alcoholism are an inability to stop drinking alcohol and repeated interpersonal, work- or school-related problems directly attributable to its use. Alcoholics often report behavioral changes, including chronic malaise, dyspepsia, mood swings and depression. Of the wide array of physical complications that result from the chronic abuse of alcohol, two of the more visible are malnutrition and a general increase in the incidence of infection. These more overt signs are often difficult to notice, however, frequently because a sufferer either manages to maintain temporarily the illusion of a functional life, or hides or denies his addiction through secretive or manipulative behavior.

In Singapore as in most other countries throughout the world, alcohol-related disorder is pervasive. Indeed, a 2004 report by Singapore’s Ministry of Health showed a substantial increase in alcohol consumption—especially binge drinking—among Singaporeans over the previous twelve years And despite recent preventative measures enacted by various public and private interests, for the many of the thousands of Singaporeans who already suffer from alcoholism there has been too little professional help.

Even though alcoholism is a truly severe condition, it is not untreatable. Using a combination of counseling, medication and psychotherapy, I can help you or someone you love overcome the condition and regain a hold on life. Please call or visit my office to set up an appointment—the road to recovery is but a moment away!